Time for Reform

Proposals for the Modernisation of our Licensing Laws

Synopsis of the Trust's response

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Summary of Government proposals

The Government White Paper Time for Reform: Proposals for the Modernisation of our Licensing Laws proposes to replace the existing systems for licensing the sale of alcohol, music & dancing, and night cafés with a single system.

Places that do any of these activities will need a premises licence. Only one licence will be needed, which will define the conditions under which it can operate. This licence will operate indefinitely. Statutory closing hours will be abolished, specific ones may be defined in the individual licence for each of the premises.

If premises sell alcohol (off- as well as on-licences) then they will need to be under the control of someone with a personal licence. In general, anyone with a personal licence will be able to run any type of licensed premise. Providing they have a clean criminal record, anyone with the appropriate qualification will in general be issued with a personal licence.

The proposals also include the closing of a number of loopholes that currently allow the supply of alcoholic drinks to those under 18.

Synopsis of the Trust's submission

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