1990 Architectural Award

In January of this year Trustees announced the winner of the City of Durham Trust Architectural Commendation for 1990. The first of what is to be an annual event, the commendation is open to any new building, or restoration of an existing building, completed in the year. The proposed future timetable is for Trustees to consider contenders at their December meeting of the year in question and to announce the result in January. All Trust members are invited to bring to the attention of Trustees any building they would like considered.

For 1990 the Commendation went to Nos.86-88A, Claypath. Trustees were impressed with the restrained dignity achieved in restoring a unity to the four shop fronts within the original building frame. This was accomplished by a co-ordinated colour scheme which complemented that of the brickwork and stone features, by restrained sign-writing, renewal of the ‘wooden’ arched frames to the four shop windows and removal of conspicuously-sited alarm systems. The result, a notable boost in the gradual re-emergence of the Claypath townscape, is an example worthy of emulation elsewhere in the city.

The properties are owned by the Local Authority, who carried out the work with the co-operation of the tenants. The architect for the project was Mr. P. Warren of the City Planning Office; the contractor was G.W. Lazonby Co. Ltd. of West Cornforth.

Details published in the Annual Report, 1991