1997 Architectural Award

It has been encouraging that this year more buildings than usual merited consideration by Trustees in their review for the 1997 award. The commendation, however, was unanimously given to the new Harrison and Harrison organ factory on the Meadowfield Industrial Estate. Designed by Dennis Jones of Stringer & Jones of Stainton, and built to a high quality by Newton Moor Construction of Ushaw Moor, this unit is far from the normal industrial estate warehouse. The form of this large, specialised craft workshop was determined by a central organ-building room, where height was crucial. The building line, however, conceals the height; its twin-tiered roof with wide overhanging eaves of metal cladding at the same time hints at an oriental appearance. (The eaves protect the construction area from direct sunlight). The front elevation presents pleasing symmetry. The quality of the finish is set by the wooden-panelled entry doors. The car park is tucked away behind the building and landscaping is already completed, so that the building does not so much sit on, as in, the landscape In summary, a famous Durham craft industry has been rehoused in an environment worthy of its international renown.

Harrison and Harrison new organ factory

See Bulletin 42, January 1998, for details of this building and other candidates for the award.