Coats of arms in The College

Featured on buildings in The College, Durham Cathedral (the former outer court of the Benedictine Priory) are the coats of arms of four Bishops of Durham:

  • Nathaniel Crewe, 3rd Baron Crewe, Bishop of Durham 1674 to 1721
  • Richard Trevor, Bishop of Durham 1752 to 1771
  • John Egerton, Bishop of Durham 1771 to 1787
  • Shute Barrington, Bishop of Durham 1791 to 1826

Inside the gateway to The College is a copy of a drawing listing the coats of arms and their location. The original – Drawing of armorial bearings in the College, Durham Cathedral, by Cordingly & McIntyre, Architects of Durham – can be seen in Durham Cathedral Library’s collection of Additional Manuscripts (Chapter Library Acc No 50351). Note: there is one additional coat of arms: an eroded one on No 6 The College.

The coats of arms are:

  • Crew – on the riverside at the entrance to the Dark Entry
  • Crewe – inside The College, on the wall of the Dark Entry
  • Egerton – on the wall of No 13 The College, located in the higher position
  • Egerton – on the wall of No 13 The College, located in the lower position
  • Trevor – on the wall of No 14 The College
  • Durham – on the wall of No 12 The College
  • Egerton – Choir School
  • Barrington – Choir School
  • Eroded coat of arms – No 6 The College
  • Egerton – No 16 The College