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Crook Hall Gardens & The Durham City Green Corridor

YouTube recording of Crook Hall Gardens & the Durham City Green Corridor talk

Eric Wilton (Regional General Manager, National Trust)

Tuesday 6th December 2022, 7pm, Room 201, Elvet Riverside, New Elvet

One of the most exciting events of 2022 was the reopening under the National Trust of Crook Hall Gardens, with ambitions to make them a gateway into a green corridor north of the City, even up to Finchale Priory and including the National Trust-owned Moorhouse Wood.

Perspectives on Durham’s World Heritage Site

YouTube recording of the conference on Durham’s World Heritage Site

City of Durham Trust, 80th Anniversary Conference

Saturday 5 November 2022, 10.00am – 1.00pm, Pemberton Rooms, Palace Green

Theme: Exploring positive and collaborative approaches to ways that can help World Heritage Sites to flourish, with specific reference to Durham within the wider world heritage context. The 80th anniversary of the Trust coincides with the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention and UNESCO has developed a special programme to look forward to the next 50 years. This conference will be Durham’s contribution to that programme.

  • Brief Introduction by the Chair of the Trust, John Lowe
  • The Trust’s vision for the way forward: Michael Hurlow
  • Panel to present views of local people on the significance of the WHS: Walia Kani, Lucy Szablewska and a WHS Young Ambassador
  • The significance of the WHS for tourism and the economy: Craig Wilson, Visit County Durham
  • The role of the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan: Grenville Holland & Sue Childs
  • Redhills’ Aspiration to Achieve WHS Status: Nick Malyan
  • Historic England’s perspective: Mike Collins
  • The UK and UNESCO perspectives: Chris Blandford, President WHUK
  • Brief Concluding remarks by the Chair of the Trust

Fuelling Durham – past present and future

YouTube recording of Fuelling Durham talk

Professor Jon Gluyas, Executive Director. Durham Energy Institute

Saturday 2nd April 2022, 2pm, Room ER 141, Elvet Riverside, New Elvet

Coal was king. For more than 100 years the miners of Durham won coal for the nation and empire beyond. Durham remains rich in coal resources but deep mining has ceased and surface opencast has all but gone too. Now, Durham like the UK as a whole is a net importer of energy. What does the future hold for a county committed to decarbonise within the next few decades? Can County Durham become energy self-sufficient and carbon neutral? Having achieved neutrality and self-sufficiency, might we even export skills and knowledge to help others meet their Climate Emergency goals. The talk will explore the possible energy futures to compare with the County’s energy past.

The Riverbanks of the Durham Peninsula: From Defensive Moat to Romantic Landscape

YouTube recording of the Riverbanks of the Durham Peninsula talk

Martin Roberts

Saturday 11th December 2021, 2pm, Room 141, Elvet Riverside, New Elvet

Durham’s wooded Riverbanks are no accident of nature, but the changing reflection of the thousand-year history of the city that stands above. In the past three centuries those changes have been led more by aesthetic considerations than by the demands of defence and this talk will chart the transformation. The Riverbanks are an important planned historic landscape in need of a long overdue recognition.”

Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins; Rebuilding Community – The Story of Beaurepaire Medieval Manor House, Co. Durham

Rebecca Watkins¸ founder of Dream Heritage CIC, in charge of the project

Thursday 8th April 2021, 7 pm on Zoom

An online talk on the restoration work at Beaurepaire/Bearpark.