Durham Marketplace Timeline

The timeline was created as part of the Heart of the City refurbishment project, completed 2011.

A Northern Echo article on 2nd July 2011 reports the unveiling of the timeline. Quote from the article:

“Yesterday’s ceremony saw Durham County Council chairman Dennis Morgan, Durham Deputy Mayor John Wilkinson and schoolboy Stefan Szablewski unveil a timeline telling Durham’s history. Stefan, ten, was chosen because he suggested the timeline in a letter to the Durham Times in December 2009.”

Other websites have recorded the event – Ailsa Magnus ARBS – and described the artwork.

  • MH-1. Leaves of learning. Ripples of remembering
  • MH-2. Durham. Duresme. Dunelm. Dun Holm
  • MH-3. 995. Bones of St Cuthbert brought to Durham
  • MH-4. 999. A stone church was built in place of the wooden white church
  • MH-5. 1006. 1038. The Scots attack Durham but were driven off
  • MH-6. 1022. The relics of the Venerable Bede brought to Durham
  • MH-7. 1027. King Canute makes a pilgrimage to Durham
  • MH-8. 1069. The Normans seize the City of Durham
  • MH-9. 1072. William the Conqueror orders the building of Durham Castle
  • MH-10. 1093. Foundation stone laid for Durham Cathedral
  • MH-11. 1100. 1162, Bridges are constructed
  • MH-12. 1132. A Mint is established near Durham castle
  • MH-13. 1133. Durham Cathedral
  • MH-14. 1180. A charter is granted for markets to be held outside the Castle wall
  • MH-15. 1346. The Battle of Nevilles Cross
  • MH-16. 1371. Bishop’s throne is built
  • MH-17. 1429. Cathedral cloisters are built
  • MH-18. 1540. Henry VIII orders the dissolution of the monasteries
  • MH-19. 1640-41. Scottish covenanters occupy Durham
  • MH-20. Mrs Clement developed her mustard
  • MH-21. 1771. Durham floods
  • MH-22. 1787. Durham infirmary is founded
  • MH-23. 1790. Streets are paved and lit by oil lamp
  • MH-24. 1809. The building of a new prson began
  • MH-25. 1832. Durham University is founded
  • MH-26. Durham Light Infantry est disbanded
  • MH-27. Over the years industries came and went. There were mills carpets ironworks brewing
  • MH-28. Coal mining began around Durham in the 12th century Durham Coalfield was once one of the largest in Britain. The last pit closed in 1993
  • MH-29. Durham Castle and Cathedral declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 1987
  • MH-30. Sports and leisure Durham
  • MH-31. [no text]
  • MH-32. [no text]
  • MH-33. [no text]
  • MH-34. [no text]
  • MH-35. [no text]
  • MH-36. This stone commemorates the completion of the Heart of the City refurbishment project on 1st July 2011