Dunelm House Listed

Dunelm House (the home of Durham University’s Student Union) has now been Listed as Grade II, and the Certificate of Immunity from Listing sought by Durham University has been rejected.

The Twentieth Century Society’s press release gives details of the characteristics of Dunelm House that merit this listing. In summary they are:

  • “It responds cleverly and dramatically to a very difficult site in the Wear Gorge, and as a counterpart and compliment to Sir Ove Arup’s adjacent Grade I-listed Kingsgate Bridge and the beautiful cathedral on the other side.”
  • “Dunelm House is a unique 20th Century expression of a long architectural tradition in Durham – of a human community gathered around a Cathedral.”
  • “In addition to winning both a Civic Trust award and the RIBA Bronze Medal for 1966, the building was positively reviewed at the time of its completion and has subsequently been praised many times.”
Dunelm House
Dunelm House and Cathedral
Dunelm House and Kingsgate Bridge
Bust of Ove Arup