Work on postern gate – Kings Gate

Members of the community are tackling the vegetation that threatened to damage the postern gate at the bottom of Bow Lane and leading to Kingsgate Bridge. This area – a small ‘garden’ – had become completely overgrown with large shrubs, brambles and nettles. The postern gate brickwork had previously required renovation because part of it collapsed. Thanks to local people, and the County Council’s Clean and Green Team, the risk of further damage has been minimised, though more work to deal with the stumps is still required. Wild flowers, e.g. wild garlic, periwinkles, and cuckoo pints, have been left in the area. It is hoped that a bench can be placed there.

The Peninsula historically was a fortified area. This postern gate – Kings Gate – gave access through the walls at this point and led to a ford across the river.

The talk by Martin Roberts to the Trust “The Riverbanks of the Durham Peninsula: From Defensive Moat to Romantic Landscape” acted as a trigger for action.

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