Bent House Lane – Reserved matters

There is currently a planning application for Bent House Lane covering the issues that were not decided when the original proposal was approved. The Trust lodged an objection to this on 29th July. As the developers have recently posted a set of amendment documents we have now lodged a further objection. We welcome the indications that some improvements have been made with regard to the setting of Bent House Farm, and commend the developers for engaging in ongoing discussions with residents of that group of properties. However, most of our concerns remain.

The land is statutorily allocated for residential development as a “sustainable urban extension” to Durham City and that is what the Trust looks to be fulfilled. To put it simply, all we seek is adherence to the terms of County Durham Plan policies, and particularly Policy 5 on which such meticulous care and scrutiny were exercised by the Government’s Independent Inspector in arriving at the specific wording. Both the Banks outline application and the current Reserved Matters application fall woefully short of those requirements.

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