Air quality in the Elvet Triangle

The community group ‘Elvet Clean Air’ held a public meeting in January this year with the aims to:

  • Introduce members of Elvet Clean Air to the local community
  • Raise awareness of the high levels of air pollution in the area
  • Generate conversation to explore solutions to the air pollution

Many ideas for actions to improve air quality in this area were suggested. These are given in the meeting reports below.

The meeting concluded:

“Residents gave the Elvet Clean Air group permission to proceed with this initiative and to hold another meeting in the future. Elvet Clean Air recognised the need to widen participation to include residents from adjoining streets e.g. Whinney Hill, Old and New Elvet. Residents felt overall that implementing eventual changes should be led by Durham County Council with the collaboration of Durham University. Major implications of the report: (i) Reduce the number of vehicles using Durham Streets. (2) Primacy should be given to pedestrians and cyclists, not vehicle drivers.”

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