Good Citizen of the Year Awards 2024

These awards are presented by the City of Durham Parish Council.

This year John Lowe, Chair of the City of Durham Trust, received his award at the annual parish meeting on the 22nd May in the Theatre Room of Durham Sixth Form Centre. He was awarded for his servives to conservation and the environment. His role in the Trust, and his membership of other committees such as the WHS Management Committee, play an important part in the protection and enhancement of the heritage and landscape of the City.

At the same event David Miller, a member of the Trust, received his award for his work in promoting Durham City’s heritage. This primarily related to the number of walk leaflets he has produced in partnership with the City of Durham Trust and the City of Durham Parish Council, e.g. The Durham City Heritage Trail map and the The Durham Seven Hills Trail map.

In past years other Trust members have received awards. In 2019 Dr Douglas Pocock (previously Secretary of the Trust) received one of the first of these awards. His work with the Trust over many years and his expert knowledge of the City’s heritage and architecture is outstanding.

In November 2020, during the Covid lockdown, Sue Childs (a Trustee) received an award for her contribution to producing the Durham City Neighbourhood Plan.

In 2022 John Ashby (a Trustee) and Roger Cornwell (a Trustee and previous Chair of the Trust) received their awards for their work on many committees and involvement in critiquing the two local plans during consultations and examinations in public.

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