Supplementary Planning Documents

Durham County Council are in the process of producing a range of supplementary planning documents (SPDs). SPDs build upon and provide more detailed guidance about policies in the Local Plan.

The City of Durham Trust re-affirms its strong support for the County Council’s initiative in producing these SPDs to assist with interpretation and application of particular County Durham Plan policies. We share the desire to secure consistent and focussed planning applications and submissions that address the requirements laid down in policies and to remove the difficulties that have been experienced by Members, officers, applicants and consultees in some cases.

The Council is currently consulting on SPDs for:

  • Trees, Woodlands and Hedges
  • Design Code
  • Shopfront Design Guide
  • Energy Efficieny, Renewables and the Historic Environment

The Trust’s responses to these can be seen on our Consultations page.

We are currently writing responses to the following strategies:

  • Housing Strategy
  • Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy
  • Draft Council Plan 2024 to 2028

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