Sniperley Park: New appeal

County Durham Land and Bellway have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate because of the non-determination by Durham County Council of their planning proposals for development at Sniperley Park. The preliminary stages of the joint inquiry into these appeals are now underway.

This area, released from the Green Belt for development within the Local Plan (see Policy 5), has a complex record of related planning proposals. See one of our recent posts on this subject. Details of the planning proposals and the Trust’s comments and objections to these proposals can be seen in the Responses to Planning Applications section of the Trust’s website.

The Trust has recently submitted a Statement of Case covering both the County Durham Land and the Bellway appeals.

The Trust believes that it can add particular value to the public inquiry with regard to the following reasons for refusal, if applicable: Masterplan; Design and Quantity of Development; Sustainable Transport; and Links to the Sniperley Park & Ride site. Most of the arguments in this Statement of Case have already been advanced in the letters of objection to the various applications which the Trust has submitted.

Details of Joint Inquiry

Land at Sniperley Park
Proposal Ref: DM/22/03712/OUT
Developer: County Durham Land
Appeal Ref: APP/X1355/W/23/3330836 (leadcase)

Land North And East of Sniperley Farm; hybrid application including applications below
Proposal Ref: DM/22/03778/FPA
Developer: Bellway
Appeal Ref: APP/X1355/W/23/3333600

Land North And East of Sniperley Farm: outline planning application
Proposal Ref: DM/23/00591/OUT
Developer: Bellway
Appeal Ref: APP/X1355/W/23/3331745

Sniperley Farm: conversion of farm buildings
Proposal Ref: DM/22/03686/FPA
Developer: Bellway
Appeal Ref: APP/X1355/W/23/3331801

Full details of the inquiry can be seen on the Planning Inspectorate’s Appeals Casework Portal.

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