Sniperley Park – Bellway’s application

The Trust, along with other groups and individuals, continues to respond to planning applications for the Sniperley Park site. Our aim is to press for developments at Sniperley to abide by the detailed policies in the Local Plan. Policies that resulted from careful deliberations by the Inspector, the Council, developers and residents over a number of days at the Examination in Public. Policies that would provide for a well designed, sustainable, accessible housing development that people in the area deserve. These policies are part of the statutory development plan for County Durham – the adopted Local Plan – and have legal weight.

Bellway have again put in a planning application for Sniperley and we have responded.

Though the application is for outline planning permission only (i.e. permission in principle with details to be decided later), the Trust argues that this application still fails to comply with several parts of the Local Plan Policy 5 and the County Council’s Adopted Masterplan. For these reasons, the Trust considers that this application should be refused.

The Trust has made many comments on this site in the past.

Responses to previous planning applications


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