Category : City of Durham

The Sands Common Land Public Inquiry

Inquiry on 27-29 April and 11 & 12 May.

Please Vote “YES” in the Referendum on the Durham City Neighbourhood Plan on 6 May

The Neighbourhood Plan deals with matters of concern in the City

Multistorey carpark

The mulitistorey carpark on the Sands is now visible. Promoting sustainable green travel to the City?

Campaign to reopen the Belmont Viaduct

Campaign to open Viaduct as a footpath and cycle way.

Riverside footpath closed

The riverside footpath at the bottom of Grove Street is closed.

Talk on 8th April 7pm

We are delighted to announce an online talk on the restoration work at Beaurepaire/Bearpark.

Volunteer at Beaurepaire

Volunteers wanted for community heritage project at Beaurepaire Medieval Manor House.

County Council ignores its own Plan

Durham County Council has approved its own planning application for the Aykley Heads Business Park, for a design that ignores the energy standards in its recently-approved County Durham Plan.