Multistorey carpark

The mulitistorey carpark on the Sands is now visible. Promoting sustainable green travel to the City?

NE Transport Plan

The Trust has responded to the recent consultation on the North East Transport Plan and sent out a press release. The gist of our response is that we endorse the  overall vision of “Moving to a green, healthy, dynamic and thriving North East”, and accept in broad terms its stated objectives, but find its practical suggestions for achieving them woefully inadequate. They do not form a coherent regional strategy and amount to little more than a wish list of projects that the 7 local authorities in the area wish to pursue in the hope of obtaining government funding. It is of particular interest that the plan ignores the key links between County Durham and the Tees Valley which doesn’t come within the remit of the North East Transport Plan.

Confused messages

Seen on the hoardings around the new DCC HQ car park.