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A consultation on Transport North East’s Decarbonisation Strategy ends on 31st August.
There is a press release on the topic and the consultation itself with a response questionnaire.

The Trust is developing a response to this consultation. However, we are interested in finding out the views of Trust members and other local residents on this topic so we can ensure that our response covers the aspects that are important for the City of Durham. Please add your comments to this post.

The strategy sets out the ambitious goal of achieving near-zero carbon emissions from surface transport by 2045.

Among the potential actions and areas of focus the strategy considers are:

  • Zero emission vehicles, including cars, HGVs and buses, with a comprehensive network of charging facilities to support their wider use
  • The decarbonisation of the rail network through electrification
  • The use of hydrogen and alternative fuel vehicles
  • Encouraging modal shift towards more sustainable ways of travelling, such as public transport and active travel
  • Opportunities for decarbonisation in the freight industry
  • Carbon reduction when projects are built, as well as carbon capture

The Trust has now responded to this consultation which ended on 31st August 2021.

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